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Global Release: XBrick-Exclusive Limited Edition “Ubbey Box”

Global Release: XBrick-Exclusive Limited Edition “Ubbey Box”

Global Release: XBrick-Exclusive Limited Edition “Ubbey Box”
Ubbey Box – The world’s first decentralized cloud storage ecosystem based on blockchain technology

On May 18, 2018, a news titled “Ubbey Box can kill Dropbox, Apple: Universal Labs founder” was all over Google. The incident originated from an interview with Keda Che, Founder of Universal Labs, by Fox News, a well-known American news media.

Ubbey Box, was claimed to have the potential to replace Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, has attracted the attention of Liz Claman, a prominent journalist at the US news media Fox News. According to its forecast, the cloud storage market in 2022 is estimated to reach 92 billion U.S. dollars, and what is the Ubbey Box that claims to replace Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud? What advantages does it have that it will replace Dropbox and Apple? Liz Claman, a prominent Fox News reporter, interviewed Keda Che, founder of Universal Labs, on these issues.

Ubbey Box is a hardware device pioneered by Universal Labs. It has made some changes to IPFS and made its economic system more intelligent and simplified. It is the first blockchain project physical box that has realized IPFS network in the world. It can be used as personal cloud storage for individuals or businesses, and provide users with high-capacity data storage space. The first-release version provides 1TB or 2TB capacity options. It is the world’s first decentralized cloud storage ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Ubbey Box is called “The King of Intelligent Shared Storage” that everyone can own, and some predicts Ubbey Box might replace Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud.

Universal Labs launched Ubbey Box’s global pre-sale campaign in February this year and all boxes are currently sold out. Since XBrick officially joined forces with Universal Labs on April 13, 2018, the two parties have jointly organized blockchain offline meet-ups and summits in Korea, Dubai and Vancouver to jointly promote and strengthen the construction of the blockchain ecosystem. On May 18th, XBrick joined forces with Universal Labs to give back to XBrick’s loyal users, by launching a limited-edition, custom-made “Ubbey Box” exclusively for XBrick. The complimentary gift is only for the first 50 XBrick platform users who have participated in XBrick’s pre-sale round with over 20 ETH. The offer is on first-come-first-served basis, while stock lasts.

Visit the XBrick official website to make yourself eligible for the limited gifts


About XBrick:

XBrick ( is a global cryptocurrency exchange developed independently by its technical team, who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Registered and headquartered in Sydney Australia, XBrick offers multiple languages to users, supports an automatic ‘know your client’ identity verification procedure, adopts the bank-standard SSL encrypted data transfer and multi-clustered system architecture, and applies the hot/cold storage system for crypto wallet management.

XBrick Exchange began operation in November 2017, XBrick’s key management are with actuarial, mathematics and finance educational backgrounds graduated from top universities in Australia. Individual members of senior managements have 10+ years experience in various sectors of finance, including listed company operations, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, quantitative trading, hedge fund trading and trading system development.

XBrick is currenting building on top of, the next generation crypto-to-crypto-only exchange with built-in enhanced dynamic-liquidity-providing-engine, to allow users to access the world liquidity & favourable prices on one platform. At the same time, XBrick is launching its own platform and utility token, XBC with a hardcap limit of 50,000 ETH. Token sale details can be found at

About Universal Labs:

Universal Labs was founded by experts educated out of Harvard, Stanford and Columbia universities. The Ubbey network is the first decentralized cloud ecosystem using the blockchain technology. Ubbey Network is a decentralized network powered by Ubbey Box and the Ownership Protocol (OWP), which enables ownership exchange of digital & physical assets in peer-to-peer way.

Ubbey Box is a hardware device designed by Universal Labs. It can be used as a personal cloud storage for individuals or enterprises. It provides user with massive amount of secure data storage space, with 1TB or 2TB options available in the first version. It allows users to backup or store at one place and access the file from anywhere and anytime. Users can connect Ubbey Box with different devices including but not limited to media players, gaming consoles and smart TVs.  With the arrival of Internet of Things, Ubbey box can also connect with various smart devices in future. Ubbey Box is also a full node for the Ubbey network, which means it acts like a “miner” in Bitcoin network. The Ubbey network block creator will be randomly selected from Ubbey box nodes based on Proof of Storage consensus algorithm. Users can mine YOU token through sharing their personal storage space, and be rewarded with YOU token as an incentive to power and secure the network.
Token sale details can be found at

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