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Exclusive Partnership Offers

Fiat/ BTC/ ETH Payment + Success Fee
  1. Connect your project with crypto funds, crypto VCs, hybrid VCs and private investors
  2. Investor meet-up or cocktail event in Hong Kong or Mainland China (event expenses not covered)
  3. Global roadshow strategies and support
  4. Guaranteed Best Agency Rates on media buy cost
  5. Enjoy a full range of professional crypto marketing and PR services (see below) at exclusive partnership discounts
  6. Personal career association and endorsement on LinkedIn (3000+ blockchain & crypto connections) from a hand-picked list of advisors that add value to your project
  7. Exchange connection
  8. All-rounded resource connection

*Only for the right projects and long term partners

Standalone Services

*Click to expand on each service item
*Additional material, such as media list and references, will be provided upon request
*Prices are displayed in USD currency
*Prices are subject to fluctuations based on market conditions
*Last updated on 4 Aug, 2018

Mainland China Marketing Plan

Vertical Integrated Crypto Media:


Website advertising + App:
– Homepage banner x 10 days
– Homepage news post x 4
– Homepage express news post x 10

WeChat Public Account:
– Feed (secondary position) x 4


Vertical Crypto Media:
– 金色財經 – news post x 4
– 火球財經 – news post x 4
– 火訊財經 – news post x 4
– 金牛財經 – – news post x 4
– 鴕鳥區塊鏈 – news post x 4
– 鏈向財經 – news post x 4
– 今日頭條 – news post x 4
– 搜狐 – news post x 4

WeChat Public Account:
– 鉛筆區塊鏈 ChainB – WeChat feed (secondary position) x 4
– 巴比特 8BTC – WeChat feed (secondary position) x 2
– 區塊鏈新金融 Shhl_qukuailiam – WeChat feed (secondary position) x 4

Video Interview
– 區塊鏈相對論 (video section) – interview x 1
– 鏈觀天下 – interview x 1



Korea Marketing Plan


Press Coverage
Press Release on TokenPost (Premium Exposure) + TokenPost Facebook Exposure: US$5,200
Sponsored Article on TokenPost (Top of Main Page): US$5,500
Korean Press Service (Listed on Naver, Daum and Nate): US$2,500
“Asian Economy” TV Channel Promotion (Interview on TV + YouTube + Press Release): $12,000

Digital Promotion
TokenPost Banner Advertising
Leaderboard Banner (Top on Desktop + Mobile): $2,800 per week
Half-Page Banner (Top Right on Desktop + Mobile): $3,200 per week
Interstitial Banner (All Page on Desktop + Mobile): $4,000 per week
Inline Rectangle Banner (Right Bottom on Desktop): $1,760 per week
Bottom Leaderboard Banner (Bottom Centre on Desktop): $1,400 per week

TokenPost Newsletter Blast: US$4,500 per week
TokenPost Newsletter Banner (Right Banner or Lower Banner): US$1,370 per week

TokenPost Interview
10-12 min, translation and subtitle provided

Community Coverage
Kakao Community Marketing: US$8,000 (1 month) | US$14,000 (2 months)

Naver Viral Marketing: $3,500 (20 posts) | $4,750 (30 posts) | $6,000 (40 posts)

Events & Airdrop Campaign
Blockchain Monthly Event Participation: US$6,000
Airdrop Campaign (Campaign Landing Page + Press Release + Banner + Newsletter Ad + Facebook & Kakao Ad): US$5,000


Press Package 1
1 article on + translation
Premium exposure for 1 week
Korea press service
Newsletter blast
Half-page banner for 1 week Viral marketing: 20 posts

Package Price: US$10,500

Press Package 2

1 article on + translation 1 article on Econotimes
Top Leaderboard banner for 1 week Newsletter banner for 4 days

Package Price: US$9,300

Press Package 3

3 articles on + translation

Package price: US$6,000

Event Package 
Blockchain Monthly Participation Sponsorship
1 article on
Newsletter Blast
Korean Press Service

Package price: $9,900

Japan Marketing Plan

Your project published on the following 10 Japanese crypto PR sites:

CoinTelegraph (Japan) – | 2,200,000 UV/ month (PR article)

BIT TIMES – | 220,000 UV/ month (PR article on the top of the site + Listing)

COINZ – | 200,000 UV/ month (PR article)

COINJINJA | 370,000 UV/ month (Listing)

ANG | 250,000 UV/ month (PR article)

bit-life – | 30,000 UV/ month (PR article + Banner + Messenger App Notification + listing)

BITAGE –  (PR article)

CryptoDays – (PR article)

Coiner Blog – (PR article)

孤高のICO – (PR article)



China WeChat Marketing

WeChat Community Broadcast – broadcast your message to 5000 WeChat blockchain/ crypto groups

WeChat Community Engagement, have our discussion facilitators create meaningful conversations about your project, in 30 selected blockchain/ crypto groups (3 dedicated discussion facilitators, 10-day campaign)

US$8800 for both

WeChat Influencer Marketing

3-day Explosive marketing strategy – get your message noticed by the crypto circles before key event opens
Professionally-written soft-selling, in depth article x 2, by crypto media columnists
10 Tier-1 WeChat Public Accounts to publish the articles (top 30 in the crypto industry; avg. 50,000 followers)


Telegram Member Boost
Invite 10,000 pre-selected, active members from other big ICO groups to join your group
Turnaround time: 1 week or less

Telegram Community Management
Post information, handle enquiries, maintain order and create a constructive atmosphere of your group
24/7 on duty
US$8,500/ community manager x 1 per month

Telegram Engagement Boost
Have Discussion Facilitators keep on generating meaningful conversations in your group
Ideal marketing before key events open
US$5,000/ 10-day campaign (3 Dedicated Discussion Facilitators)


Mainland China Press Release

Translate your press release or key article into Chinese
Distribute to a list of major high-traffic Chinese websites

Guaranteed Results:

Article exposure on over 40 major, national-level high-traffic websites

Article exposure on over 40 major, national-level high-traffic websites PLUS 90 major, province/city-level high-traffic websites

Global Press Release
AP style press release by a professional writer
Our partner is one the biggest news distributors in the world
Complimentary translation from English to the language of target
Flexible distribution to specific regions or countries of your choice
Full clickable report (feel free to ask for a sample)
Permanent URLs to the published press release

Guaranteed number of media pickup: 300+ for US/ 100-200 for other regions

Number of media to distribute to: close to 3,000
Language: English

Number of media to distribute to: 615
Language: English
400 words charge: US$1,800
Each Extra 100 word charge: US$280

Number of media to distribute to: 1007
Language: English
400 words charge: US$2,400
Each Extra 100 word charge: US$360

Number of media to distribute to: TBC
Language: English
400 words charge: US$1,720
Each Extra 100 word charge: US$210

Number of media to distribute to: 584
Language: English

Saudi Arabia Gulf States: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates 

Number of media to distribute to: 643
Language: Arabic and English
400 words charge: US$2,400
Each Extra 100 word charge: US$360

Number of media to distribute to: TBC
Language: English

Number of media to distribute to: 135
Language: Japanese 
400 words charge: US$2,880
Each Extra 100 word charge: US$360

Many more regions/ countries for selection, please contact us for details.


Get Top Crypto Influencers to review your project or interview the team on their channels.

CryptoVerse | 46,000+ Subscribers – US$3,500
CryptoMaster | 65,000+ Subscribers – US$3,500
Crypto 101 | 250,000+ Monthly Listeners – US$5,000

30 more Influencers for selection; please contact us for more details

Top-Tier Business Media Exposure

Get a sponsored article:

Entrepreneur – US$5,500
Forbes – US$5,500
INC – US$5,500
Huffington Post – US$5,500
The Next Web – US$5,500
TechCrunch – US$7,500
Mashable – US$7,000
The Guardian – US$8,500
New York Times – US$8,500
Bloomberg – US$8,500
Investing – US$12,000

Get a sponsored interview:

Interview on Bloomberg – US$55,000
Interview on Entrepreneur – US$12,000
Interview on Huffington Post – US$12,000
Group interview/ panel discussion on iFeng – Phoenix TV – US$12,000

Top-Tier Crypto Media Exposure

Get a sponsored article about your project on ALL these 7 high-traffic crypto media.

Investopedia | 18,522,000 unique visitors in a month
CoinTelegraph | 3,505,700 unique visitors in a month
CryptoCoinNews | 2,183,700 unique visitors in a month
VentureBeat | 2,140,600 unique visitors in a month
NewsBTC | 1,017,500 unique visitors in a month
CoinSpeaker | 820,000 unique visitors in a month
The Merkle | 572,300 unique visitors in a month


Hyper-Targeted CPC/ CPM Ads

Google Platforms:
Google Search Advertising Campaign – media cost starts at US$500 per day
Google Display Advertising Campaign – media cost starts at US$500 per day
Google Remarketing Campaign – media cost starts at US$500 per day
YouTube Video Advertising Campaign – media cost starts at US$500 per day

Flexible combinations of targeting strategies: Geo-locations, demographics, devices, keyword matching, audiences (by interests or research habits), topics, placements, remarketing to all or a specific segment of previous visitors, etc.

Top Crypto Platforms:
CoinTelegraph Advertising Campaign – media cost $15-22/ CPM, multiple locations for selection
Etherscan Advertising Campaign – media cost $1,500 – $6,000/ week, multiple locations for selection
CoinMarketCap Advertising Campaign – media cost US$4-14/ CPM, multiple locations for selection

*Subjected to 10% management fee (for campaigns non-Google platforms) and 15% (for campaigns on Google platforms)

*Setup, design, copy-writing and ongoing optimization is covered



Bounty Program
Select the channel combination you wish to run bounties on
Automatic tracking
Instant reporting

US$5,000 + 10% of project tokens in the bounty pool

Airdrop Program
Specially designed for Telegram
Automatic tracking
Instant reporting

US$3,000 + 10% of project tokens in the airdrop pool


Social Media

Medium: US$400/ 1,000 word article

Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + Reddit: US$5,000/ month
– 3 post updates per week
– Daily patrol; review and comment management

*Subreddit setup by a high-level account costs an additional US$50



Benchmark Platforms

Let us handle the lengthy application and KYC procedures for you

Track ICO | ICOHolder | FoundICO | ICOBazaar
CoinSchedule | ICOMarks | ICORanker | ICOTracker
ICO Alert | ICO Gecko | Smith & Crown

Guaranteed exposure on at least 5 listing/ rating platforms




ANN thread setup and management
Boost comments to promote thread ranking
Guaranteed 500 comments


Translation & Localization

Covers whitepaper, one-pager, token paper, position paper, website, video subtitles and any form of promotional material

English to Chinese: US$0.07/ English word

English to Korean: US$0.09/ English word


Professional Article Writing

Have one of our partnering blockchain and crypto writers to craft your promotional article/ informative article

US$400 per article

Turnaround time: 2-3 days


Explainer Video Production

One-stop solution for  your 60-sec professional explainer video, from script, color board, animated storyboard, illustration, voice-over, music to output

Standard explainer: US$4,000
Premium explainer with custom-made characters and 3-D effects: US$5,800

*YouTube video advertising management is also available, please check it out under “Hyper-Targeted PPC Ads”


Outdoor Branding

Your brand on the giant digital screen of:

NASDAQ (NY Time Square)


Thomas Reuters (NY Time Square)

1 Day – 30 sec per hour = 35,000 €
1 Day – 1 min per hour = 55,500 €
1 Day – 2 min per hour = 110,000 €
1 Day – 3 min per hour = 130,500 €
1 Day – 5 min per hour = 160,000 €

1 Week – 30 sec per hour = 80,500 €
1 Week – 1 min per hour = 130,500
1 Week – 2 min per hour = 225,000 €
1 Week – 3 min per hour = 290,500 €
1 Week – 5 min per hour = 390,000 €

4 Week – 30 sec per hour = 180,500 €
4 Week – 1 min per hour = 265,000 €
4 Week – 2 min per hour = 485,500 €
4 Week – 3 min per hour = 565,000 €
4 Week – 5 min per hour = 865,000 €


What are you waiting for?

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